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Tomorrow finally sees the start of Magic Mike XXL in Germany and I've already seen it. I was lucky to win 2 tickets for a preview screening (including a live stripper show!) at the so-called Social Movie Night organised by German film vblogger Robert Hofmann on 1st of July in Berlin. 

Here is what I thought:

It's getting hot in here…

The pre-show, a men's stripper group, was great fun. The lead stripper actually looked like Matthew McConaughey. On top of that, each guest received some free goodies such as a xxl poster, some yellow paper 1 dollar notes, a headband, a drink and popcorn!


This was the first Social Media Night I went to and it was a great experience! The only thing that could be improved is the long wait before everyone was let in. It took several hours even though everyone who won tickets had allocated seats anyway. So that didn't make any sense to me. Otherwise: good job! 🙂

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More skin, less story

If you think the first film was kind of flat story-wise, you will be even more disappointed this time.There is no Matthew McConaughey anymore, no Alex Pettyfer…  There is no real connection between the scenes, they seem to cut out just whenever it gets interesting. Even if you try really hard to follow, you don't see where the story is going… At least that was my impression.


In the first film, Channing Tatum's character gave up his stripper career to be with a girl that wasn't into strippers at all. Or so she pretended. In this one, we learn that the two broke up. A new love interest is coming into the game (Amber Heard) but somehow it isn't going anywhere. Maybe the suspense was kept up for a Magic Mike 3

What it is really about

Nevertheless, lets be honest girls (and the handful of boys who were at the event): This film isn't really about the story… It's one for the eyes, one for the ladies. And in that case, Magic Mike XXL definitely has a a lot to offer! A film about male strippers is kind of a novelty in the film industry. And for that they get my thumbs up!

Channing Tatum (who has been a male stripper himself before his movie career kicked off, a fact that you really do see) and Joe Manganiello defintely know how to do it! Their strip scenes are innovative, fun and … of course such a delight to watch! 😉 And let's not forget the women: Jada Pinkett Smith and Elizabeth Banks who sure looked hot too as strip club sugar mamas!

My verdict: Channing Tatum's moves are the only thing why this film is worth watching! If you are into these or plan to see the film on a special screening, you WILL have fun!

*** 3 out of 5 stars

Let me know what you think of Magic Mike in the comments below!

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