I finally got round to watch this hilarious action comedy in Germany – in English of course, otherwise it's no fun! 😉 Colin Firth as a snob again (but one with a big heart) – splendid! Seeing a young talent (Taron Egerton, watch out for that one!) transitioning form a working-class kid to a working-class hero – even bettah! U get me?

The Story

The story in short: Colin Firth as super spy Harry Hart takes teenager Eggsy (Taron Egerton) under his wing in the hope that Eggsy will pass the demanding tests to become an agent of the élite "Kingsman" spy agency. All the while, Samuel L. Jackson as the bad guy Richmond Valentine is planning the apocalypse and his ultimate take-over of the world.

The Location

A film so quintessentially London had to be filmed on location of course: If you wander around London with a film fan eye, you can spot the 11 Savile Row (Kingsam Store Headquarters), the Black Prince Pub, 6 Black Prince Rd, Kennington (Pub scenes), the Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate in Camden (council estate where Eggsy lives) or Holborn Police Station (outside shot of where Eggsy is taken after the car chase).

The Black Prince Pub. Photo:

The Black Prince Pub. Photo:

Somewhat surprisingly, a couple of scenes were shot as far away as Sydney, Australia (beach fight) or Toronto, Canada (destruction city scene) while the Kentucky church was actually the Deepcut church in Surrey, England.

The Performance

Officially classified as an espionage thriller, I didn't expect Kingsman: The Secret Service to be that funny, so it was great! Some scenes were a bit too much though (the massacre in the church went on for ages and at some point it was just too bloody for my taste), but yeah overall a simply amazing spy flick!

My Verdict: For a good laugh, go and see it if you haven't done so already! I highly recommend it!

***** 5 out of 5 stars

By the way, re-visiting “my old hood” London again in Kingsman: The Secret Service inspired me to create a list of my 5 favourite films shot on location in London.

What are your thoughts on Kingsman? Chavy or Classic? Have you ever made this part of your film fan travel in London? If so, I would love to hear about it in the comments.

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